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FanStories is a storytelling project that focuses in on the heart and soul of the live event industry:
The Fans.

This passion-fueled project begins by turning the camera away from the stage or the field, and diving deep into the crowd filled with endless amounts of untold stories.
We desire to reveal the passion, history and narratives of the boldest and fiercest fans in each and every live event space.
We have made it our job to provide you with a platform to tell the story of your fandom.
Whether you happen to be the face behind the fan accounts on twitter, or you haven’t missed a home game since 1989; WE WANT TO TELL YOUR STORY.

Tell us your story in the link below and if you are chosen to be featured in a FanStories video, you could win $200 towards your favorite live event.


Do you have a story we should tell? Submit your story here.